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Lorenzo “Monte” Lowery is the founder & CEO of Wilson Street Media providing photography & video services to the public, small businesses and corporations. An avid art enthusiast, he began to take his craft serious at an early age. The son of a preacher, he use to sneak the church video camera to record his friends in action. With no video editing equipment and only VHS tapes, he lost interest and went to college to study sports medicine.
As a finished college he began to work in the insurance field in which he is still employed after 20 years. During this time he began to get the photography itch again.
“I was in Dallas, TX for Thanksgiving about 5 years ago looking at QVC and they had a Canon camera for sale on the 4 pay plan of $150. I could do that easy. Right then and there I knew I had to make it happen. So here we are today.”
Lorenzo has been hustling his butt off. From organizing power shoots & free photoshoots, attending seminars & workshops to perfect his craft. He doesn’t claim to be the photographer but as he put it, “Art has no limitations, there are no best artists, everyone has their own style and everyone has their own opinion so everybody will differ. We can judge all day who is the best music artist, the best painter, who draws the best, & so on & so on. But at the end of the day the only thing that was settled is that everybody has their own opinion. So who is to say who the best is. But what I do claim to be is daaaamnnn good and can’t nobody take that away from me.”
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Email: wilsonstreetmedia@gmail.com
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Website: http://wilsonstreetmedia.wixsite.com/wilsonstreetphoto

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