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King Sparkzz was born and raised in the capital of New Jersey(Trenton), born June 6th 1989 his name is Randy Adams but most people know me as King Sparkzz coming from where I come from nothing in life is free he always wanted to be a professional basketball player coming up but that’s not the way things turned out, not when he had watch his mother struggle working 2 jobs just to feed the family so he become the man of the household at a early age. He determinant to make a change for the better that’s the day he realize that he was either going to survive or starve fight or give up. Then he had a vision one day, that he rather be rich than poor, he rather choose green over black and white so he started writing my life over instrumentals. Back then he didn’t really think that he would make it this far 3 mixtapes a bunch of YouTube videos, his first official album and he even started his own record label in 2016 KingMusicGroup.

Artist name: King Sparkzz

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Birth date: 6/6/1989

Music Genre: Hip-Hop

Label: King Music Group

Album: Kingston Adams

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