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Born in raised in Grand Rapids MI he was heavily influenced by the streets and blue collar work ethic that his city entrenched. In GR as they call it you either go hard or go home. At age 11 Dael Dark begin to write poetry for girls at school honing in on his ability to rhyme words with expression and make people feel good or in this case make the little girls smile.

At age 14 Dael moved to Minnesota where he would remain for the next 13 years. In Minnesota he begin his rap career. At the age of 17 he was rapping along the sides of Yung Truth, Marquis ScooterBoi Hunt, Futuristic Faith, and Sti-Lo Reel. Doing less than his counterparts on the musical front. Dael spent most of his time being the best father he could be to his son whom he had at the age of 19. Nevertheless he continued to sharpen his pen and do music in his sparring time never letting go of his dream to rock stages all across the globe and one day be recognized as one of the best to ever do it.

Many believe that because Dael has held back for so long that he has so much to say being intuitive, insightful, and quite frankly just ahead of his time that it really shines in his music. It feels familiar, but you’ve never heard it before, not like this.

Building his UMBNation brand working along side TeamLAP and other talented individuals in the city from the city of GR Dael is hoping that in a near future that he will be able to kick those doors open further for the city he loves so much.

In 2016 Dael dropped 3 EP’s with all original music via his SoundCloud page just to prove his work ethic and love for the game. (Fly By Night, Live At Karaoke, and 30)

In 2017 Dael moved to Dallas, Texas hoping to start touring and getting more involved and in touch with those who send him fan mail in the US and abroad the name Dael Dark is spreading.

Now remember this is just a bio. This man really is the future and we’ll let the music speak for itself. Follow the D.A.R.K. (Divine And Righteous Knowledge)

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